DLC : La Troupe Grimm Grimm Troupe IconModifier

Journal du Chasseur Modifier

Master of the Grimm Troupe.

Through dream I travel, at lantern's call

To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

- Grimm


After the Grimm Troupe has been summoned, Grimm can be found inside the large building at the center of their setup to the left of Dirtmouth. Inside, after talking to him, he gives the Chevalier the l'Héritier de Grimm charm. After collecting three flames, he upgrades the charm to the next level, and after collecting three more, the Knight must fight Grimm.


Behaviour and Tactics Modifier

Before the battle, Grimm will bow. If the Knight hits him while bowing, Grimm will screech at the Knight and will counter attack with the Flame Spawner attack.

  • Firebats: Grimm opens his cape and one or three red firebats are summoned out, flying in the opposite direction with slight homing onto the Knight.
  • Dive Dash: Grimm appears near the top of the arena, turning his body into the shape of a screw, diving towards the ground, then dashing a long distance in the direction of the Knight.
  • Dash Uppercut: Grimm appears at one side of the arena, dashes at the Knight, and uppercuts into the air, disappearing, and leaving behind six flames which fall to the ground.
  • Cloak Spikes: Grimm's cloak drives into the ground, and summons spikes made of his cloak around the arena, which rise up to near the top of the arena.
  • Flame Spawner: Grimm puffs up his body into a red sphere, floating in the center of the arena. He spawns red flames which can come out in several orientations.
  • Evade: Occasionally if The Knight gets close to Grimm before his grounded attacks begin, he will scurry away and then do an attack.
  • Stagger: Every 13 hits, Grimm will explode into a horde of bats. Grimm can be damaged in this state, taking the form of the bat with eyes. However, he can only take a maximum of 50 damage per stagger.

Grimm is one of the fastest bosses in the game, and his health scales with your nail upgrades, making him a tough foe regardless of experience or progress.

Use the Shade Cloak to dash through both of his Dash attacks (Dive Dash and Dash Uppercut). The Knight can also damage Grimm this way if they have Ombre tranchante.

Standing directly next to where Grimm explodes into fire when he uses Dash uppercut is a good way to avoid all 6 projectiles as they spread in a cone pattern.

If the Knight stays near the the right/left side of the screen and light tap jumps, they can mostly avoid the flames during Grimm's Flame Spawner attack.

  • During the cloak spikes attack, The Knight can use the time to heal an extra mask. This is easier to do with Canalisation rapide.

Double jump and dash over his Firebats, and you'll be in range to attack.


Dialogue Modifier


First encounter
So, it was you who called us.
Well met, my friend. Well met. I am Grimm, master of this troupe.The lantern has been lit, and your summons heeded. A fine stage you choose, this kingdom fallowed by worm and root, perfect earth upon which our ritual shall take place.And you, my friend. Your own part is far from over.
As the lantern flared your role was cast, our compact written in scarlet fire. Eager we are to see you commence, but first, some illumination is required.
Across these lands my kin now spread, harvesting that essence peculiar to my... breed, the flame in dream. Seek my kin; claim their flame and return it to me. Together, marvels shall be achieved. But don't fret small one. For this task you won't travel alone. My child shall guide you to the flame and gather within itself that burning essence. Like you, the child plays key role in this task. Only with it by your side will the flame, and my kin, reveal themselves to you.


Returning with all flames first time
I can feel it. The warmth of the flame you've gathered together.


Returning with all flames second time
A masterful opening act. The air hums with excitement. Dear child, you've done so well. Let your fire burn even brighter!


Returning with all flames third time
Beautiful, yes. The child has grown, from idle youth to deadly companion. About these dangerous lands, its aid will no doubt be welcome. Just don't neglect our dance, for it too continues! Keep hunting that scattered, scarlet essence. When the child is filled with flame once more, return to the stage and the performance will begin.


Before battle
Wonderful. Wonderful! My kin arrive and the time has come.
This searing fire... It carries well the Ritual's promise.
Dance with me, my friend. The crowd awaits. Show them you are worthy of a starring role!


After defeat
Bravo, my friend. Hear how the crowd adores you! They've not seen such a show in a long time.
Go out into the darkness, my friend. Exit our stage, and leave us to our final act.
Look here! How our child has grown, nourished and strengthened by the heat of our passionate dance! The two of you will feature in many tragedies and triumphs together, I'm sure. And with that, it is time for us to say goodbye, is it not? After a performance like that, what more could the Ritual demand of us?


Dream Nailed during battle

  • The Flame...
  • The Ritual...
  • The Slaves...
  • The Troupe...

Dream Nailed after battle, before talking to him
Masterful! Even a vessel discarded bears fierce strength. Fine craft dear Wyrm, and perfect tool to prolong the heart of Grimm.


Trivia Modifier

  • At the beginning of the battle, if Grimm is attacked immediately, he will scream and immediately start his Flame Spawner attack.
  • The Grimmchild charm is required every time for this battle.
  • When Grimm perform the Firespawner attack, the theme gets more dramatic by adding chorus to background.
  • The audience watching the "passionate dance" gives ovation to Grimm every time he performs Fire Spawner or reforms after stagger.
  • When Grimm reforms after stagger, he is accompanied with a drumroll.
  • There is a secret area in Grimm's tent above the arena where the empty masks of the audience can be found. It can be accessed by wall climbing through a false ceiling to the right of the arena.