Le Maitre d'Aiguillon Mato est un des trois Maitre d'Aiguillon qui enseigne l'Art de l'Aiguillon.

Mato apprends au Chevalier la technique de l'Entaille Cyclone, qui permet à son maître de faire tourner son Aiguillon de façon circulaire, blessant ainsi tous les ennemis autour de lui.

Contrairement à Oro, Mato est beaucoup plus heureux d'enseigner l'Art de l'Aiguillon au Chevalier.



Maitre d'Aiguillon Mato se trouve aux Falaises Hurlantes.


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Premier rencontre
Hm? Ah, well met! Yes, I thought I could sense the aura of a fierce warrior approaching.

I'm impressed you found my sanctuary here at the top of the world. No doubt you've endured many trials and overcome many foes in your quest to find me.

No, don't speak a word. I, Nailmaster Mato, who was taught the Art of the Nail by the Great Nailsage himself, hereby accept you as my pupil! Let us begin the lesson immediately!


Subsequent offers of training
Ah, I can see it in your eyes - you're ready to learn my Nail Art! Shall we begin the lesson immediately?


Refuser l'apprentissage
My pupil, why do you hesitate? Do you think yourself unworthy of my Nail Art?

Do not fret. I too was once like you, unsure of my own strength. Stay here with me and meditate, and once you are ready we can begin the lesson.


Lui parler après l'apprentissage
You honour me beyond words, my pupil...

Thank you.


Le revoir après l'apprentissage
My pupil, you have come to visit your old master! This is an honour I scarcely deserve. Please, sit. You are always welcome to meditate here with me.


Lui reparler après l'avoir revu
Before you leave, rest and meditate with me for a while. Your company is always welcome.


Après avoir appris Entaille Cyclone
Your form... exquisite! Now I know how my own master felt when he passed down his teachings to us.

I hope you don't think me too forward when I say that I consider you to be my child. Yes! When I saw you perform my Nail Art I felt a bond between us suddenly flash into existence!

You honour me beyond words, my pupil... Thank you.


After learning Entaille implacable
Ah! So my brother Sheo has taught you his Nail Art, the Great Slash! How lucky you are to have trained with him!

Sheo and I were very close when we trained together under the Great Nailsage. He often spoke of becoming tired of the Nail Arts and wanting to try something new.


Après avoir appris Entaille éclair
That Nail Art, the Dash Slash... learnt from my brother Oro, was it not?

So he is still alive then. Hm. I still haven't forgotten what he owes me and I never will.

Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't bother you with such things. I'm happy that you were able to train under another Nailmaster and grow stronger, my pupil.


After acquiring Gloire du Maître d'Aiguillons
That charm...! Could it be?! Only the Great Nailsage himself could have bestowed such a thing!

Your achievements humble my own, my pupil. I myself have sworn never to lay eyes on the Nailsage again. Not until I have truly mastered his teachings.

But if you see him again, please... let him know that I am forever grateful.


Dialogue de l'Aiguillon des Rêves

My brother, Sheo... how fare you in that green kingdom of thorns you call home? I think of you every time I raise my nail...



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  • Selon le dialogue des Nailmasters, il semble y avoir une discorde entre Mato et Oro. Leur dialogue implique qu'Oro doit à Mato quelque chose qu'il n'oubliera jamais.